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Surlyfest 2010

SurlyFest Moustache

Moustachio’d poster and T-shirt by Aesthetic Apparatus for the first-ever Surlyfest in Minnesotta.

Surly Brewing Co.:
Aesthetic Apparatus: 

Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 


BEARD POSTER by Michael Buchino

For $15, how I can I not buy a Christmas present for myself??  A steal!  And it’ll look great over my bed…


With the popularity of this beard poster by yours truly, it was subjected to an unlimited reprint. These will neither be signed nor numbered. Instead, they are on sale for the super-low price of $10 + $5 shipping wherever you are. Here are the details:

BEARD POSTER by Michael Buchino

Inspired by Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan (in turn inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Self-Portrait in Profile), here is the my own Beard in the likeness of Leonardo da Vinci.


Dimensions: 18” x 24”
Printing: four-color offset
Stock: 80# glacier white matte paper
Quantity: unlimited edition

Time to do the Christmas shopping…

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First post of week 2! All of the designers at work are having a beard contest in November. We each designed posters for it as well, here is mine.

Designers often do things just so they can design a cool poster. Good thing, too. Otherwise, some designers might not be awesomely bearded. 

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How to be an Ironic Hipster and Ironic at the Same Time

Bureau of Betterment Stick of Irony moustache

Bureau of Betterment Stick of Irony moustache

When my friend, Mette, showed up to Keep Portland Beard with her Stick of Irony, I was overjoyed. The diligent anthropologist that she is, Mette has written about the experience and included a fantastic infographic. 

Honestly, any excuse to check out The Bureau of Betterment is a good excuse. So go forth; be hip.

Bureau of Betterment Stick of Irony moustache

Case Studies:  

International Moustache Day: First Friday in August

I’m not sure by whose authority this day of honor is declared, but any excuse to whip out the summer ’stache is fine by me. 

It should be noted that this chart is all too cramped. A personal favorite is still Fontstaches by Tor Weeks, a simple, elegant and creative chart for the typoholic in us all. 

Image creator unknown; found here:

Design Week cover by Kenn Munk

Kenn Munk Design Week beard

Kenn Munk Design Week beard

From Munk’s site: 

On the cover of this week’s Design Week You will find a cut-out-and-make paper beard—the perfect souvenir from a perfectly normal week.

If you email us a photo of you wearing your beard, you may win something. We’re not quite sure what yet, but there will be a screen print for the best photo + other goodies there’s bound to be some stuff for the runners up as well.

So grab your July issue of Design Week and email your beardy photos to Kenn Munk!

Photo stream:
Design Week: 

The world’s finest stache of quality papers.

French Paper moustache

French Paper moustache

I’ve been a fan of French Paper ever since I made some super-Portlandy beard posters with my friend Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. It’s no secret they have the finest stash of quality papers, but now they’ve got the collateral to back it up. It’s nice to see French Paper is a moustache-friendly company. 


Cooking with Pomaine’s moustache

Edouard de Pomiane Cooking with Pomaine moustache

Edouard de Pomiane moustache

Edouard de Pomiane (1875-1964) was one of the first great modern food writers and culinary personalities, a biologist by training who invented the field he called “gastrotechnology,” or the science of cookery. He was also known for his great moustache.

Justus Oehler via Pentagram just designed a beautifully moustachio’d new cover for the classic book. 

Richie Brown’s Beards

He must be a graphic design student…


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