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The 2011 Phillies Facial Hair Guide by Malachy Egan


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Interactively explore Brian Wilson’s World Series-winning beard.

Brian Wilson Beard

This is teh awesome. 

Hint: wenches, ninjas, hobos and even the Twitter bird all hang out in Brian Wilson’s beard. Take that, Peter Griffin.

Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 

Brian Wilson explains to Josh Elliot and Jay Harris why they should “fear the beard”.

Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 

Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage T-shirts

Rollie Fingers moustache t-shirt

Ozzie Smith beard t-shirt

Reggie Jackson moustache t-shirt

Baseball has some hair-itage, alright. Rollie Fingers, Ozzie Smith, Reggie Jackson? Of course! Andre Dawson, Tony Gwynn, Eddie Murray, Don Mattingly and several more of your favorite facial-hair-bearing baseballers are represented on these stellar Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage T-shirts


Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 

How to Beard Yourself like Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson Beard Jon Adams poster

poster by Jon Adams

How does one beard himself like San Francisco Giants’ closer Brian Wilson? This handy poster—11” x 17”, the perfect size for framing and hanging next to your bathroom mirror—explains how.

The text, in a less useful format, is shown below:



1. Be someone who can grow a beard.
2. Grow a beard.


3. The thing about Wilson’s beard that makes it so fearsome and confusing to batters is the fact that it DOES NOT MATCH THE REST OF HIS HAIR. This takes some doing.


+ The beard color should be 3 to 4 shades darker than your hair color.
+ If you are blond, the beard can be brown.
+ If you are a redhead, you have bigger problems.
+ If your hair is black, you are stuck.
+ If you are a woman, hormone therapy may warrant investigation (also: fake beards).


+ You can use hair dye but that would be the easy way.
+ You can use latex paint but the fumes will suffocate you.
+ You can use engine oil but not if you smoke.
+ You can use charcoal, just don’t sneeze.
+ You can use tar but no one will kiss you a second time.


+ Maybe try becoming him.
+ Steal some of his stem cells and eat them or lather them onto your face.
+ Do exactly everything he has ever done.
+ Pass away and use your ghost powers to possess him.

Coping with your new beard will take some adjusting. Expect people to be afraid of you. Even your family. For a fully realized experience, name your beard. Suggestions include: Facemaster, Brian Wilson Jr., or Cory. Don’t let the power of the beard corrupt you. If necessary, unbeard yourself at the slightest sign of trouble. If you encounter Brian Wilson on the street, expect a knowing look, or possibly a hug. If he’s in a hurry it will be a high-five.

Buy it:

Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 


Mr Bingo Skatebearding

Mr Bingo Skatebearding

London designer Mr Bingo made these rad skatebeards. Here’s hoping snowbeards are next. 


Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 

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The Greatest Ever Sports Beard

W.G. Grace beard

Andrew Sullivan does a nice summary of the ESPN homage to cricketer W.G. Grace. It was said that his beard was so big he batted through it.

Continuing the sports beard fun, Sports Illustrated’s Best Beards in Sports History includes the likes of Socrates, Baron Davis, Lanny McDonald and Bill Flett amongst many others. 

Socrates, Baron Davis, Lanny McDonald, Bill Flett sports beards

Who’s your favorite sports beard? 


Top 10 Bearded World Cup Players of All Time

according to

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Beards for LeBron

LeBron James Cleveland beard

So, um, this is a real thing. Up and down the Cuyahoga River, Clevelanders are growing their beards. For LeBron James. Because they want him to stay in Cleveland. 

This could be fun. Imagine all the beards in a colosseum during Portland-vs.-Cleveland game. Ohioans, start your bearding. 

When it gets to my zipper, it’s opening day.

Go White Sox. Go beards.