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Matteo Bologna (Mucca Design) Studio Visit Poster

by Leen Sadder

More moustache logos, please. 

Type Snobs on Vimeo: 
Mucca Design: 

Also: Get your Beard poster now. $10 + $5 shipping to anywhere. 



fontstaches by Tor Weeks

this one is better than the one you have posted. from designer Tor Weeks

Submitted by isaidicanshout

I agree; these are quite lovely. Except they should be called typefacestaches because, you know, a typographer would go nuts if you called a face a font. 


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Quelle moustache porte Martin?

I can name a baker’s dozen* moustachio’d type nerds who just got all hot and bothered. Moustache May is gonna be a good month. 

*gross exaggeration

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Beard Alphabet

Beard Alphabet Tim Yarzhombeck

Tim Yarzhombeck made a sweet beard alphabet.